Wild world

Wild World - a dangerous forest, dangerous animals

If you are not afraid, you can visit an exhibition of photographs from the expedition to Borneo with examples of hazardous animals. You can see amazing photos from the secondary and primary habitats.

Get a look of collection of most dangerous snakes such as fast black mamba or white cobra from Asia.

Opening hours and entrance fees

Opening hours
April - May = Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 6pm
June - August = Tuesday to Sunday: 10am to 6pm
September - October = Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 6pm
Entrance fees:
Adults: 40CZK
Children (from 3 to 15 years old): 20CZK 

VIP visit: book your guided tour on Phone SMS +420 739 555 156 - can include demonstration of reptile feeding. Entrance: + 50%

Email: daboia@centrum.cz
Loc: +48° 48' 0.43"N, +16° 48' 1.75"E 









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Our exposition does not show you only amazing photos, you can observe dangerous mamba snakes, cobras, vipers, rattlesnakes and poisonous lizards.